Revista Interdisciplinar NOVAFAPI, TTeresina. v.4, n.3, Jul/Ago/Set, 2011.
          ISSN 1983-9413

Prevelence of hypertension (HBP) and risck factores for cardiovascular disesse (CVD) in mililary police


Samara Cristina Leite Pinheiro Monteiro
Graduada no Curso de Medicina da Faculdade NOVAFAPI

Eucário Leite Monteiro Alves
Doutor em Ciências - Cirurgia Torácica e Cardiovascular. Professora da Graduação e do Programa de Mestrado Profissional em Saúde da Família da Faculdade NOVAFAPI

Paloma de Medeiros Silva Mendes
Enfermeira. Especialista em Saúde da Família na Atenção Primaria. Endereço: QI 04 Conj. R casa 65 guará I - BRASILIA (DF) - CEP: 71 010182 - Telefones: (61)81530257/41019638.

Maria Eliete Batista Moura
Pós-Doutora pela Universidade Aberta de Lisboa – Portugal. Doutora em Enfermagem pela Escola de Enfermagem da UFRJ. Professora da Graduação e do Programa de Mestrado Profissional em Saúde da Família da Faculdade NOVAFAPI. Professora da Graduação e
do Programa de Mestrado em Enfermagem da UFPI.


Research has shown significant increase in hypertension and CVD morbidity/mortality overall in recent decades, with exorbitant costs to health systems. It is the leading cause of death in Brazil (30% of all deaths). Objective: To investigate the prevalence of hypertension and risk factors for developing CVD in the military police. Methods: We conducted a retrospective and cross through the analysis of socioeconomic, lifestyle, laboratory tests and electrocardiograms of 23 officers from an elite group of Military Police of Piauí. Results: The profile of the police is characterized by people over 30 years, married, well educated, drinkers, low pay satisfaction, with extra work and report of fatigue. Physical examination, laboratory tests and ECG revealed high levels of normality for the study population. Comparing the risk factors and protective for hypertension and CVD was the sum of overlapping protective factors in relation to risk factors. Conclusion: We conclude that the police have a good level of physical and mental conditioning, probably due to the rigorous process of selection requires that the Military Police for the elite troops, a pattern that differs from other research.
Descriptors: Hypertension. Prevention. PreveCardiovascular disease.